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Mack Cain provides a variety of residential and commercial cliental with aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor facilities. He works with the natural environment, creating minimal environmental disturbance and maximum sustainability. Mack works closely with each client, offering recommendations backed by years of experience, to create innovative designs that are suitable to each client’s individual specifications.

Mack Cain

About Mack Cain

Mack has been a Landscape Architect since 1975, doing projects all over the US and in countries such as China, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Turkey, and the Caribbean and many more. You can view a comprehensive list of his work on the Projects page.

LEED® Accredited Professional.
Registered Landscape Architect CLARB.
Registered Landscape Architect, Alabama (441), 1998.
Registered Landscape Architect, Florida (1040), 1985.
Registered Landscape Architect, Georgia (1070), 1997.
Registered Landscape Architect, South Carolina (256), 1980.
Registered Landscape Architect, Tennessee (628), 1999.

Design Philosophy

Mack’s design team embraces the philosophy of “Design with the Land”. They believe that they must fit the built environment onto the existing conditions of the land in order to blend the two together in a harmonious solution. This “Tread lightly on the Land” approach results in a much more natural result that is ultimately less expensive to build and to maintain. It is a more sustainable approach and preserves more of the natural character and aesthetics of the land.