Atlanta Landscape Architect

Every natural landscape is different, which is why it’s so important to have a landscape architect with an innovative sense of design, coupled with a respect for the natural character of the existing land. Mack Cain has both. The design recommendations Cain brings to the table cater to the client’s needs while working with the natural integrity of the existing landscape. By building around the natural elements, Cain creates unique landscapes that bring together built and natural environments into sustainable harmony.

The Landscape Design Process

Each project begins and ends with the space itself. Before the design process starts, Cain will do a walkthrough of the space with the client to gain an accurate scope of the project and to get the client’s perspective. The client’s goals are a very important piece of the foundation of the landscape design. Cain listens to the client’s goals and makes recommendations on how those goals can best be achieved. Only when the client is satisfied does Cain begin his designs. Each rendering of the space provides details such as the shape of the land, the structures to be added or removed, and the vegetation to be planted to enhance to beauty of the space.

Areas of Expertise

Along with beautifying the space, Cain also makes innovative and functional spaces for all types of outdoor spaces, including,

    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Resort
    • Recreational
    • Urban
    • Rural

Cain’s recommendations and designs are backed by years of education and experience. His portfolio includes dynamic designs that have taken him all over the world, and have allowed him to gain expertise in many different types of landscapes. Check out the Project Page to view the full scope of his work, and see why so many people trust their landscapes to Mack Cain.