Land Planning Services

Land planning is the first step of any land development process. From the concept renderings to the inspection and certification process, Mack Cain works hard to make every client’s idea a reality. He works with developers to balance the built and natural environments by creating cost-effective and environmentally friendly designs. From concept to completion, Mack Cain creates cutting edge and cost-effective land use plans for every client.

The Process

Define the Goals

Cain creates the foundation of every one of his projects on the goals and regulations of the developer. Basic information about the area is acquired, and Cain works with the client to identify potential opportunities and problems so there are no surprises down the road.

Land Evaluation

This is a physical evaluation of the land’s suitability. Cain works to determine land uses and requirements, and identifies the environmental and economic impacts of the project. He then determines the best solutions that adhere to the client’s goals, while maintaining environmental sustainability.


This part of the process lays out how the goals of the client are going to be reached. Cain drafts detailed guidelines and proposals to the corresponding officials to receive approval for the project.


Development begins on the project. Cain closely monitors this development process, and ensures that each of the client’s goals are met.