Resort Planning & Design

Resort planning and design has to take into account the demands and expectations of the patrons and protection of the natural and environmental characteristics of the setting. People choose resort locations to enjoy the unique environments where resorts are located. Therefore, site sensitive design is an absolute for a successful resort. Cain has extensive experience in creating vacation destinations that an ever-changing market of tourists continually put on its bucket list. His commitment to combining public spaces with elements of luxury puts his resort designs in a class above the rest.

Creating a Lasting Impression

The facade of the resort is the key element for a cohesive design for the whole space. The asthetics that the guests experience when they first walk up to the resort is the impression they will carry with them throughout the rest of their stay. Cain creates balance throughout the entire resort campus using innovative elements of design and by incorporating the natural landscape and environment of the resort itself. This cohesive feel partnered with the luxurious elements of design is what gives your guests an experience to boast about when they go back to reality.