Trails & Greenways Design

The success of the Roman Empire was built upon its attention to detail, and on its great road systems. The same can be said about the success of a land scape design. While the main vista of a landscape design pleases the eye, the trails and paths that lead to it can be just as crucial in producing the desired over all effect. Just as quality roads helped the travelers of the Roman Empire move about freely, so should the trails and greenways of your landscapes.

Cain creates well-landscaped trails that lend themselves to doing what trails do best – offer a safe and pleasant route for the user, and leave them with a desire to return often. He achieves this through tactful design, extensive planning, and the commitment to incorporating some simple rules of success:

  • A trail must be easily accessible. No one wants to struggle to find it.
  • A trail must inspire a sense of confidence. It must urge the traveler to go around the next bend, without the threat of stumbling into brambles, branches, or an unexpected furry friend.

Cain designs each trail to be easily accessible and visually stimulating, all while providing a sense of safety and security that makes the user desire to venture down the path again and again.