Atlanta Urban Designer

Urban design is more than the placement of buildings and blocks. It’s about creating a relationship between the place and the people who live there through seamless architecture and design elements. Open spaces must be very intentional in an urban environment in order to preserve the commercial value of the land in the area. Mack Cain creates flawless designs that improve the both the practical and the aesthetic standard of living in urban areas.

Elements of Urban Design


A city’s buildings are the most noticeable element of urban design. Their height, volume, and groupings set a tone for the city that to which both residents and visitors respond. Cain’s building forms give the city a functional feel without taking away from a breathtaking skyline.


Whether he’s designing for a city of pedestrians or drivers, Cain takes the everyday commuter’s needs and creates cohesive design solutions based on convenience. Cain takes care to separate the pedestrian networks from the vehicular ones to create a safe, comfortable, and convenient commute for every type of traveler.

Open Spaces

Open spaces can take the form of parks or plazas, covering vast areas or a small network of squares. Each city’s open space design can offer its inhabitants something unique, where people can come together to enjoy everything the city has to offer. Cain creates deliberate designs that uses the land to its full potential.

Mack Cain takes these basic elements and weaves them together to form a city that is both highly functional and dynamically beautiful for residents and visitors alike.