Park Landscape Design

When designing a home, painstaking detail is put into the layout and development of each space. Cain believes that the park is an extension of the home, and should be given the same level of consideration. The landscape and layout of the outdoor space should give the community a sense of comfort when it’s being used. From birthday parties to 5K races, Cain creates a park that can become a hub for local activities and projects.

The Process

Cain builds his designs on a foundation of goals put forth by the community and potential park users. His goals and the client’s goals are synonymous, and he makes design recommendations that will best reflect the community itself. He conducts land assessments, and ensures that the built environment and the natural environment co-exist in functional harmony.

Creating Community

Parks are a haven where the indoor comfort of a backyard blends with social and group activities. Each community has it’s own feel, as well as it’s own unique set of needs – seasonal change, local activities, and natural ambiance. Cain takes each one of these factors into consideration during the design process, with the end result being an area that is aesthetically pleasing to the community, yet still maintaining its natural beauty and character.